Answers to Common Questions About Tutoring With Us

Tutor Questions

Question: Where does tutoring take place?
Answer: For most of our students, tutoring will take place in the home.  For some of our high school students, college students, and adult learners tutoring may occur in a library or coffee shop.  For any private school, boarding school, or private day care, tutoring may take place on-site at the request of the parent and with approval of the school.

Question: How long do tutoring sessions usually last?
Answer: Each tutoring session depends on the needs of the individual student.  Discuss with the parent the length of time for each session, and feel free to make suggestions.  Younger students usually have a shorter attention span and may only be able to handle 45 minutes at a time, while high school and college students may want a two-hour or more session.

Question: How frequently should students receive tutoring?
Answer: This depends on the needs of the student.  Typically, a student will meet with a tutor once or twice a week.  Students behind in their classes, or possibly failing, may want to meet two or three times for the initial weeks, then decrease to once or twice a week.

Question: How many hours can I expect to work each month?
Answer: The number of hours you tutor per week will vary.  Your availability, the ages of students you wish to work with, the subjects you are able to tutor, and the locations you are willing to travel to; all play a part in the number of clients you may have at one time.  Keep in mind that tutoring volume usually slows down during the holidays and over the summer.

Question: Will you reimburse me for travel expenses?
Answer: Our tutors are Independent Contractors.  As such, the IRS does not allow us to reimburse you for travel expenses.  Please contact your accountant to discuss a possible tax deduction.

Question: Will you cover the cost of any materials that I purchase?
Answer: Our tutors are Independent Contractors.  As such, the IRS does not allow us to reimburse you for materials that you purchase for your clients.  If you need supplemental material, contact the office for assistance.  You may also contact your accountant to discuss a possible tax deduction.

Question: When will I receive payment for my services?
Answer: We issue and mail checks on the 17th of each month.  If the 17th falls on a Sunday, checks will be mailed on Monday, the 18th.

Question: How much will I get paid?
Answer: We have competitive pay rates.  Because we are located in over a hundred locations, the rate varies by market.  Please contact one of our tutoring coordinators to discuss the rate in your market. 

Application Questions

Question: What is the difference between being an Employee and an Independent Contractor?
Answer: We do not hire tutors as employees. All tutors are hired as Independent Contractors. Independent Contractors set their own schedules; accept or decline any job opportunity; are responsible for all costs associated with their accepted job. These “rules” are set forth by our government. For more information about working as an Independent Contractor and allowable deductions incurred by being an Independent Contractor please visit

Question: If I’ve already been through a Criminal Background Check do I still have to pay for another one?
Answer: Yes. In order to insure that the background check we have on file is accurate and not altered, our policy dictates that we must run our own background check prior to a tutor working with their first client. We do not run a Credit Check. We will run a Social Security Verification, Nationwide and Local Criminal check. If we do not schedule you with a student, we do not run the check or charge you the fee associated with it. You will receive a copy of the background check via email for your own personal use once it has been run.

Question: How much do you charge the clients that I work with?
Answer: Rates vary by market, based on the competitive rates for that area. Our portion covers all costs include marketing, advertising, billing, credit card fees, plus of course all costs associated with our corporate office and the staff that makes it all possible. I understand that tutors often think we simply "keep half the money" and that it is all profit for us, so we appreciate the opportunity to briefly explain where the money truly goes.