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Parent Resources and Links

There are so many resources available today it is sometimes hard to find answers to your questions quickly.  This page serves as a great starting point for research. We update this page with sites that our staff, tutors, and parents have recommended, so check back often and feel free to give us feedback or to make a suggestion. 


Elementary and Middle School

Here are a few great sites for learning activities, skill reviews, games, and printing practice sheets.

High School

As your student begins to prepare for college, take the time to review and utilize all the helpful information available on the web regarding scholarships, SAT/ACT testing, AP classes, applying to colleges, and more.  Here are some very important links you may want to visit.
www.collegeboard.com (SAT registration, AP info, and more. )
www.act.org (ACT registration and more. )
www.ed.gov/finaid/landing.jhtml?src=ln (US Financial Aid)
www.grants.gov (Federal Grants)
www.nationalmerit.org (National Merit Scholarship Program)

Start Saving for College Now – upromise


Online Family Magazines

These sites are wonderful resources full of fun activities to do with children of all ages, recipes, and even parenting advice.


Learning Disabilities

Every day we get calls from parents with questions about Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Dysgraphia, and others.  It is important to understand and recognize the early warning signs.  It is also important to understand the testing process and how to obtain testing.  The following are a few great sites to start gathering information about learning disabilities.



Sample Tests and Assessments

Below are links to a few sites that offer free printable tests for the purpose of assessing a student's abilities.

PDF Files: If you are unable to open these files, please visit www.adobe.com to install Acrobat Reader for FREE.

FCAT 3rd Reading (Florida)
EOG 5th Math (North Carolina)
PSAT 11th (National)
Algebra Subject Test

Contact the office for more information about other available sample tests to help understand your child’s strength and weaknesses.


Other Links

Click here for information about becoming a home school parent.

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