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Target Tutoring

Types of Tutoring

We offer several specific types of tutoring, but we specialize in creating tailor-made solutions for all types of learners.
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Weekly tutoring on a regular basis to explain and review class work and homework, instill good study habits, help student to prepare for tests, and plan for and complete projects or presentations.

Private Tutoring

Private individual tutoring is for students who need to review previously taught material, fill skill gaps, or focus on one or more particular academic subjects.  These tutors are qualified to not only keep the student focused and on track, but also to actually teach the subject matter.  Private tutors will maintain communication with the classroom teacher as needed to insure the student is successful in the subject.  This type of tutoring includes teaching, review, and test preparation.

S.O.S. SkillsTM

Students struggling in the classroom may need to be taught basic organizational skills as well as how to study.  The Student Organization and Study Skills philosophy gives students the lifelong skills they will need to be successful learners.  Students in transitional years (6th and 9th) are most often in need of these skills.  Students learn how to read for meaning, retain facts, organize materials, prepare for exams, take better notes, and how to effectively manage study time.

Target TutoringTM

Target TutoringTM experts are available for teaching higher math, science, and writing skills. High school and college students often need to focus quickly and effectively on one subject. Target Tutoring bypasses the initial assessment and goal-setting strategies used in our standard tutoring methods and gets right down to business!   You tell us exactly what you need to learn and we will send you an expert tutor...Fast!

Test Prep Tutoring

The competitive college atmosphere today requires students to perform well on standardized tests in order to gain acceptance to the schools of their choice.  Helping students achieve the highest scores possible on college entrance exams such as the SAT, ACT, CLAST, or CLEP test is a priority.  Test Prep tutors are experts in their field and understand how to improve student scores. Test Prep Tutors are also ready to help with national and state standardized tests such as the FCAT, ITBS, CRCT, etc. 

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