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Target Tutoring

Specialized Programs for Pre-k-12th grade students

Over the years we have helped thousands of students find academic success. Our Specialized Programs were all developed in response to the specific needs of our students. All of our programs offer proven results!
Middle School Student

S.O.S. – Student Organizational and Study skills

Our S.O.S. program is designed to help students achieve their maximum potential.  Regardless of the student’s current knowledge level, through our one-on-one study program any student will be able to achieve overall improvement in organization, note-taking, completion of assigned work, test preparation, reading and listening for understanding, and so much more.  This is an intense learning course meant for middle and high school students.  The program is broken into four two-hour sessions (only once a week is suggested).  The only material required for this course is a five-subject spiral notebook.  It is preferred that the first session take place in the home to determine if the studying/learning environment can be improved.

Target TutoringTM

When you need fast, expert help, count on Target TutoringTM to help you hit the mark!  Target TutoringTM bypasses the initial assessment and goal-setting strategies used in our standard tutoring methods and gets right down to business!  Target Tutoring is the answer when you have a last minute exam to study for, need to finish a term paper, or just need help learning or reviewing a few concepts within a course.  You tell us exactly what you need to learn and we will send you an expert tutor...FAST!

Middle School Student

Target Tutoring for the SAT TM

Smart Approach!  Like the SAT, our approach is taught in three separate sections, allowing the student to focus on just one area of the test at a time: Math, Critical Reading, or Writing. Each of our SAT sections takes 4 weeks to complete and includes 16 hours of targeted test instruction.  Weekly tutoring will consist of two 2-hour private sessions, totaling 4 hours of instruction each week. We believe in homework! Students will receive approximately one hour of tailored homework with each hour of tutoring.

Historically, students have chosen to prepare for the SAT by enrolling in a classroom course.  We do not believe a general overview of the entire test is the best way to prepare for the SAT.  Through our many years of experience working with students, we have proven that students benefit most from focused individual instruction.

We start with a proctored test to analyze the student’s weak areas.  A “score” does not tell the whole story.  A student may not need help in Algebra, but does require focus in Geometry.  We review the test results to pinpoint weak areas and develop a plan of action to master the skills in those areas.  With our program, students focus only on the areas of the test where they really need to improve.

Test Prep Approach

We believe that an individualized approach to meet the specific needs of the learner is the best way to prepare for any test.  We will provide a tutor specializing in one section (math, science, writing, or reading) of the test to prepare your student for success.  The tutor will create a plan of action that will include subject review, practice tests, and test-taking tips and strategies.  In preparing for College Exams and Standardized Tests, our best resource is the diagnostic results from a previously administered test.  Using the diagnostic results, or a newly completed sample test, a tutor can pinpoint the areas where the student needs the most improvement.  A customized program will be designed based on the individual student and his/her specific needs.

For the SAT and ACT

  • We create a separate plan of action for each student to ensure success.
  • We only teach one section of the SAT at a time; Math, Critical Reading, or Writing.  With the ACT test, we can combine the science and math sections.
  • We provide “experts” in each area, not one person to teach all parts of the test.
  • Students will take weekly practice tests.
  • Tutors work individually with the student on improving their specific weaknesses.
  • We create a separate plan of action for each student to ensure personal success.
  • The tutor will monitor the student‘s weekly progress to adjust the student’s learning plan as needed.

For State Standardized Tests

  • Whichever exam your student needs to prepare for, we have the right expert tutors, each experienced in a specific area.  This means that your student can concentrate on one area with the most qualified tutor in order to achieve the very best overall results. 
  • We provide a basic assessment test for your student at no additional charge.  This helps us to accurately determine your student’s current level in each skill area.  Together, you and the tutor will discuss a plan of action to help your student succeed.