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Joining our Network of Tutors

Important information to know about working as an Advanced Learners tutor.

Working as an Independent Contractor

Tutors in our network are not considered employees but as Independent Contractors. Independent Tutoring Contractors set their own schedules, can accept or decline any tutoring opportunity, and are responsible for all costs associated with an accepted opportunity. Advanced Learners does not provide benefits or insurance to Independent Contractors. A 1099 MISC tax notice is sent to tutors who are paid $600 or more in any given calendar year. Specific information about the business and tax implications as an Independent Contractor should be discussed with a qualified tax specialist. Advanced Learners does not specialize is tax advice and therefore does not answer questions regarding tax matters. For more information please visit

A signed Independent Contractor's Agreement is required between our company and a tutor; it outlines our expectations and your responsibilities.

Criminal Background Checks

In order to insure that the background check we have on file is accurate and not altered, our policy dictates that we must run our own background check prior to a tutor working with their first client. We do not run a Credit Check. We will run a Social Security Verification, Nationwide and Local Criminal check.

We use Sterling Talent Solutions to conduct all of our nationwide criminal background checks, sexual predator checks, local criminal checks, and social security verifications.

Advanced Learners's Client Rates

The tutoring rates charged to clients by Advanced Learners are competitively established based on the economic conditions of each market served.

Tutoring Locations

For most of our students, tutoring takes place in the home. For some of our high school students, college students, and adult learners tutoring may occur in a library or coffee shop. For students attending a private school, boarding school, or day care, tutoring may take place on-site at the request of the parent and with the approval of the school.

Typical Duration and Frequency of Tutoring Sessions

Each tutoring session depends on the needs of the individual student. Our tutors have the flexibility to discuss with the student and/or student's guardian the length of time for each session. Younger students typically have a shorter attention span and may only be able to handle 45 minutes at a time, while high school and college students may want a session of two or more hours. The frequency of sessions depends on the various needs of each individual student. Typically, a student will meet with a tutor once or twice a week. Students behind in their classes, or possibly failing, may want to meet two or three times a week initially, then decrease to once or twice a week.

Average Monthly Hours Expected

The number of hours that a tutor can earn per week will vary. Tutor availability, age groups, subjects, and travel time to tutoring locations will all play a part in the number of clients a tutor may have at any given time. Keep in mind that tutoring volume usually slows down during the holidays and over the summer.

Travel Costs, Materials/Curriculum and Supplies Expenses

Because our tutors are independent contractors, any supplies, traveling, and/or curriculum costs incurred by the tutor will not be reimbursed. If you need assistance in selecting adequate curriculum or supplemental material, please contact our office for assistance. We also strongly suggest that tutors seek advice from a qualified tax specialist on the handling of these costs for tax purposes.

There may be times where curriculum is supplied directly to Advanced Learners' clients for certain programs. In these instances, any specific directions, teaching guides, and/or support materials will be provided at no cost to the tutor.

Tutor Rates

Advanced Learners pays its tutors competitive market rates. Please contact one of our tutoring coordinators to discuss the rate in your market.

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