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Tips and Suggestions for HomeSchoolers


Keep a Portfolio

It should include a sample of the student’s work for each subject.  Keep all quizzes and tests.  You must be able to show the annual progress made by your student.

Locate all Student Records

If your student was in public school before you decided to home-school, make sure you have copies of all previous school records.

Extra-curricular Activities

Most states allow home school students to participate in sports, group activities, gifted programs, music and art classes, etc. at the local public school campus.  Participation in group activities can be a positive experience for any aged student.

Standardized Testing Option

The local school system may allow your student to take the state standardized test that public school students take. Whether you choose this as your student’s annual evaluation or not, it is a free test which may help to determine your student’s current standings for their grade level.  You must register at the local school in advance.  To learn more, check the laws of your state and the regulations of your school district.