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How We Can Help with HomeSchooling

Curriculum and Cap

Curriculum Planning - You Choose!

  • There are many curriculum options.
  • You can follow the state benchmarks and purchase aligned books.
  • You can enroll in an online school and receive guidance along with all of your materials.
  • You can create your own curriculum based on your student’s interests or by combining materials from multiple sources.
  • You can purchase complete grade level programs from companies like Abeka , Calvert, or Rod & Staff books.


Instructional Assistance - You Decide!

We can help provide the following types of instruction:

  • A curriculum teacher 5 days a week, 3 or more hours a day.
  • A subject tutor to teach individual courses (such as Physics or Calculus).
  • A small-group instructor for a phonics-based reading program.
  • An assistant to aide in study skills, homework completion, and organization for just a few hours a week.


Annual Evaluations

Depending on your state’s laws for methods of evaluations, we are able to offer licensed psychologists or certified teachers to determine your student’s progress and complete an official evaluation. 

Guidance and Support

We encourage you to call us with questions and suggestions.  We are here to help make your home-schooling program a success!